Student Information:


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Current and prospective students should always check for confirmation with Al-Ihsan management or Student Support staff before applying for or planning courses.

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Al-Ihsan Institute reserves the right to change or update content on its official platforms without prior notice.


I have read and understood Al-Ihsan Institute’s student policy

I agree to comply with policies set out by Al-Ihsan Institute management.

I understand that not complying with any item of the policy may result in enrollment review.

I have filled out the Al-Ihsan Institute student application form completely and accurately to the best of my ability.

I understand that all personal information collected by Al-Ihsan Institute is treated in accordance with the Privacy Act.

I understand that not providing information, or providing false/misleading information may result in the application being rejected.

I understand that being offered a place as a student is at the discretion of Al-Ihsan Institute management.

I understand that Al-Ihsan Institute reserves the right to reject my application without issuing a reason.

I understand that this is not a short essentials course, it as an intensive program that requires a long-term commitment. I agree to this commitment.

I agree to act according to Islamic ethos while I am a student.

I understand the costs involved and agree to pay the term fees at the start of each term.

Al-Ihsan Institute reserves the right to amend the terms in the policy.