About Us


A community of like-hearted teachers and seekers.

Our Story

In 2016, we made an intention and formed a vision. To make ilm accessible to every seeker.
We are a community of like-hearted teachers and seekers. We want to create spaces that enable wholesome learning.

We create authentic learning experiences that nurture the hearts and minds of people. The working professional. The busy parent. The school goer. The high–school graduate. The creative artist. The traveling merchant.

Our Approach



People are accustomed to hyper friendly user experiences – from searching on Google to posting on Instagram. At Al-Ihsan, we want to create better experiences for learners. Your journey is carefully designed, to ensure your experience is of high quality.



The internet is filled with educational content. Our aim is to create programs that are meaningful. Our process involves identifying real needs and gaps in the community – and creating programs that address those needs.



Knowledge that doesn’t create change isn’t knowledge – its noise. Real change involves a transformative learning process. We want to ensure every learner is nurtured with wholesome learning. We are committed to enabling learners to thrive.

Our Team

Owais Baran

Shaykh Owais is the Co-Founder, Director, and Instructor at Al-Ihsan Institute.

Zain Raoof

Shaykh Zain is the Co-Founder, Director of Studies and Instructor at Al-Ihsan Institute. 

Haris Siddiqui

Mufti Haris is an Instructor at Al-Ihsan Institute. He teaches the male Alimiyyah Program. 

Ahmad Mohib Siddiqui

Shaykh Mohib is the Student Support Officer and Instructor Al-Ihsan Institute.

Muhammad Graham

Shaykh Muhammad is an Instructor at Al-Ihsan Institute. He teaches the male Alimiyyah Program. 

Tawfiq Hassan

Tawfiq is the Director of Finance at Al-Ihsan. Tawfiq is responsible for implementing and overseeing Al-Ihsan’s financial and accounting systems and processes.