Ramadan: Making the most of this blessed month.

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Worship

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, Alhamdulillah!

Ramadan is a special gift from Allah . His blessings pour from the heavens, the rewards for good deeds are multiplied and our souls are enriched with his remembrance. 

This is because the body’s food is from the earth, while the nourishment of the soul comes from the heavens. As humans, we need both in order to be whole, so in Ramadan – we rest our appetites to feed our souls. 

Just as great events are planned in advance, so must we prepare in Sha’ban to receive the most benefits out of this holy month. Migrating away from old bad habits and building momentum and consistency with good deeds takes time. Some necessary things to do before Ramadan starts.

  1. Complete previously missed fasts
  2. Make sincere Tawbah and Duaa 
  3. Forgive and make amends with people
  4. Increase recitation of Qur’an
  5. Plan events in a way that worship in Ramadan is not affected
  6. Brush up on Ramadan knowledge; attend talks and understand basic Fiqh of fasting

Ramadan is the one month dedicated to becoming closer with Allah , and there are many avenues through which we can do that. 

Picture this: our good deeds are like a bouquet of flowers that we are presenting to Allah . Flowers of Quran recitation, Dhikr, Salah etc. The more beautiful we make our bouquet, the more it will attract the mercy of Allah.

To do this, we need to make the most use of Allah’s greatest gift; time. 

Here are ways to have a productive Ramadan:

  1. Set realistic goals. Honour them by allocating time to each one. 
  2. Utilize the early hours of the morning, as they contain the most barakah.
  3. Start slowly and gradually increase in worship as the weeks go by. You don’t want to burn out half-way!
  4. Dedicate daily time for Quran
  5. Keep a habit tracker

Now – we would love to spend every moment in Ibaadah. But this isn’t always possible. We still have to work, study and give time to family. Allah doesn’t expect us to leave everything and spend Ramadan in seclusion.  That’s why he’s given us a beautiful solution: 

As we know, our actions are judged according to our intentions. With the right intention, everything we do becomes rewardable. Spending on our families, seeking knowledge, and joining ties of kinship – these all become Ibaadah. Even if we don’t get through every task, Allah is aware of our heart’s sincerity- and that never goes to waste.

Lastly, keep the three Ts of Ramadan in mind: 

  1. Taqwa: The ultimate goal of Ramadan is to attain Taqwa. During Ramadan, we become vigilant about avoiding all things that Allah  has forbidden us from. Ramadan is a great training ground for how we should spend the rest of the year. 
  1. Tilawah: Ramadan is the month when Jibreel descended to Prophet Muhammad with the first heavenly revelation. We can connect with the Quran on a spiritual level by doing Tadabbur of its verses.  Tadabbur is a mindful practice, and we can start by reading the translation alongside the Arabic and listening to its Tafseer. We can also repeat the verses that touch our hearts and think about how we can apply them into our own lives. 
  1.  Tawbah: Ramadan is a golden opportunity for us to have our sins forgiven by Allah . The gates of Jahannam are closed and the gates of Jannah are wide open. Allah loves to forgive, and the middle ten days of Ramadan  are specifically for those who wish to seek his pardon. 

May Allah accept our efforts in becoming nearer to him. Aameen

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