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What We do

Alimiyya Program

Develop a sound understanding of the Qur’anic and Hadith Sciences.

Tutoring and Coaching

Coaching and tutoring experiences for learners of Islamic Schools.


We aim to make books and premium goods accessible for Australians.

The Meaning of Ihsan

Ihsan is mentioned in the famous hadith of Jibril. It is to worship God as if you are seeing him, and if you are not able to see him, then knowing that he is seeing you.

Al-Ihsan means excellence. To make something beautiful. It is the highest form a person can strive to achieve.

At our institute, Al-Ihsan represents striving for excellence in whatever we do. The lightest of acts can create the heaviest impact – like paying attention to detail, and going above and beyond.

Why Learn with Us?



Experienced and certified Scholars and Experts.


We are Australian. We understand our students.


A culture of growth, transformation and change.


We strive to hold ourselves to high standards.

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